CONTESTS Word Game Word Game

The Game Is Simple...

Remember The Movingmedia Word Game?  This is the same game, with a new name!

Clues will be available from MONDAY-THURSDAY on the Movingmedia Digital Network Locations in Peterborough.

Email your guess at the mystery word to:

Please include your name as it appears on your valid ID.

A correct entry will earn a ballot into our draw.

DRAWS WILL HAPPEN ON FRIDAYS when we reveal the winning answer!

- Only 1 entry per email address
- Only 1 answer per entry
- Only 1 prize to be awarded.
- Participants must be 18yrs+ to play
- Valid ID required to receive prize.
- Awarded Prize will be available for pick during business hours (9am-9pm) at:
nannyberrys - Bakery, Cafe & Ice Cream Parlour
550 Lansdowne Street W, Ptbo ON.


Father's Day Joke Contest

Father's Day Joke Contest


When does a joke become a dad joke?
When it becomes apparent!😜

Send us your best (or worst!) dad jokes to from MAY 20-JUNE 16 to be featured on Movingmedia’s digital network across Peterborough AND for a chance to win a $100 gift card to @erbenptbo 🍔🍻

Remember, the cheesier the better!🧀😉
The winner will be announced JUNE 16🏆
A special thank you to Erben for this fantastic prize!

-Jokes will be screened prior to being released, Movingmedia has the right to withhold any jokes that may be considered inappropriate or offensive
-Participants may enter up to 3 jokes per email address
-Participants must be 18yrs+ to play
-Only 1 prize will be awarded ($100 Erben Gift Card)
-Winner will be announced June 16
-Movingmedia will hand-deliver the prize to the winner at a mutually agreed time, at a home or business within the City of Peterborough

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